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Has it REALLY been that long?

SO my last update to this blog was in October 2014… that was a whole 1 year and 3 months ago!!! In that time I lost over 2st upto July 2015…

After that I am ashamed to admit I just stopped caring. I just thought if I want to eat I’m going to. Work has been AWFUL which has far from helped. Stress is not a good reason to eat. in fact it is one of the worst…

Since I was last here I have piled back on the weight and there is a picture that struck fear into my heart and made me stick myself back on the diet cause I don’t want to be unhealthy and I do NOT want to be that FAT FRIEND!

So this is THE picture…


I Cosplayed as a Harley Quinn in November’s MCM Birmingham… I look at myself and feel sick… How is that me??? Seriously? I have never looked at myself and HATED myself as much as I did when I first saw that!!!

So this is the deal. A very good friend of mine has challenged me to go up Snowdon with him in a couple months and then in a year’s time do it again and try and beat our time. So in order for me to not DIE going up (or coming back down) I NEED to do this!!!

I have Joined WeightWatchers online using their SmartPoints system and switched from cow’s milk to Almond (cause i’m not a huge fan of dairy anyway) I’m also moving to Wales soon so work stress should not be as bad, until the move I cannot weigh myself on my normal scales (that I trust with my life) so I’ve rounded up to a starting weight back up to 300lbs and my next weigh in will be the first day I have my scales in the new house…. So anything under 300lbs I will be happy with but with a minimum of about 6 weeks til then I am hoping to be no more than 285lbs…

I also have a new FitBit, my stats will be coming back… my New Fitbit is the FitBit Charge HR which I cannot recommend enough. It suits me for my days at work as it doubles as a watch and It monitors my sleep which I really need as I’m always tired.



So for now…


And this time I’m going NOWHERE!!!

You can also Join me on my Fat to Fit Twitter – KatKit89
Or Instagram – katkit789
If you’re also part of the Connect section of the WW app you can follow me – katkit89

I hope you enjoy my Journey, feel free to yell at me at any time I feel like I’m failing.

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