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Holiday is over… back to reality!

I have had the best 10 days off work!

Where do I start?
I went to London on the Friday where we stayed at a friends, LSCC on the Saturday and Sunday, ย Travelled from London to Birmingham Sunday night, Created a walk-in wardrobe for the besties modelling clothes and started a catalogue because hey! who doesn’t like colour coordinated lists? Wednesday came a long Journey from Birmingham to Swansea, a horrible emotional day on Thursday (because Sisters!) and back home via Birmingham on Friday…

It has been one hell of a ride and I’ve had so many issues food wise, let’s go back to my last entry and I’ll explain what went right and what went so very wrong…

  • Cake Baking
    I baked a Camera shaped cake and 9 cookie monster cupcakes, I ate nothing while making them but did have some over the weekend ( which I had made sure I pointed for anyway) so therefore this was a Success! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Long Train Journey
    I took an 8 point sandwich and cereal bars and only munched when I felt it absolutely necessary so I’m going for another Success! ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Someone else’s cooking
    This is where things went bad, very very bad. Home made Paella for 2 days plus cooked breakfast for 2 days and constantly being told “you’re on holiday, diets don’t count” I got very stressed out by this which probably made it worse for me… it was better in Swansea as my sister is also dieting and made us a very nice chicken and lemon pesto risotto! Unsuccessful Challenge… better luck next time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
  • Event Days
    I took a packed lunch and a large bottle of water so there was no snacking and I felt really good about it as I could smell all the fresh cooked baguettes and pasta but I behaved and with it being one of the very few things I had control over at the weekend It was enjoyable so another Success ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Birthday Dinner
    It wasn’t great, but wasn’t too bad either, There were things I had planned to have but they weren’t available so had to make last minute changes. Overall I was 5 points over what I had planned so counting this as a Success ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Birthday Cake
    The cake was good… very good and I had 1 slice… so another Success!! ๐Ÿ™‚

conclusion… 5/6 which isn’t bad but shamefully that 1 counted for a lot of my meals throughout the week, I also received some horrible news this week about my Grandfather passing away which I didn’t handle too well, I did eat my emotions which is not a healthy way to deal with grief. I know my blog is about weight loss but i’m going to take a moment to break away from that for just a second;

Granddad Fred was a lovely man, I have very fond memories of visiting him as a child before he moved to Cornwall. He has not been well for the last couple of years but he has now found peace. RIP Granddad. โค

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I’m honestly worried. Even if I stay the same I will be happy… just 2 weeks to go before the halfway point weigh in at the Big Shouty Machine… 2 more weeks to pull out all the stops.



weight loss

Week 2 Gone…

Week 2 just absolutely flew by!! It was crazy busy and I’m pleased to say it was infact another success…

I finished the week with 1 Weekly point left and a drop of 4.6lbs on my not so trusty scales

which would make this an estimated 1st loss so far…
With 25 days left before the weigh in on the Big Shouty Machine we’re heading very much in the right direction to be 22st 7lbs (as that is what I weighed in as today.)

I couldn’t be happier, I mean i’m eating the right foods, making the right choices to continue to enjoy what I eat. I don’t find myself as hungry as I ever did before. The real test will come this weekend though as I’m in London heading to LSCC (London Super Comic Con) for the Besties birthday! I made her cake today ready to be decorated Wednesday night/ Thursday morning ready to be shipped out on Friday Morning…ย 

The obstacles I face this week are as follows;

  • Cake Baking;
    I love baking. It’s something I’m not bad at which kinda makes it important to me, but I normally have a try of at least 2 cupcakes out of a batch. So far I have made 9 cupcakes and 9 cupcakes remain….ย 
  • Long Train Journey;
    Long train journey’s are the snack food devil… Hot Chocolates to keep you warm, sweets and chocolate are easy to eat and it’s what everyone else will be eating.
  • Someone else’s cooking;
    As we are staying with a friend he will be cooking meals and therefore I have no control over what I shall be eating, so in this case it shall be smaller portions and fingers crossed and hope for the best.
  • Event Days;
    we are spending 2 days at the event which means having to take my own food as it will mostly be burger vans and various other easy food options which I cannot afford to snack on.ย 
  • Birthday Dinner;
    my friend and I have a tradition, every birthday we go to Harvester for dinner. we shall be going on Saturday. I’ve been through my little book of points and have tallied up how many points I shall be using for dinner
  • Birthday Cake;
    So there will come a time at the weekend where I will be expected to participate the life long tradition of eating Birthday cake! so i have accounted for this and hopefully my maths will pay off and it will end right.ย 

so to tackle this weeks issues I am doing all I can to save all my weekly points for this weekend as that is what will allow me to eat cake….ย 

There will also be no weigh in next Monday as I shall be in Birmingham and the rest of the week I shall be in Swansea. I will weigh in on Saturday next week and then the following Monday ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it!!ย 


weight loss

Week one over – lots to go…

Week one ended on Sunday. I took my measurements…

The amount of weight I have put on in just the last 6 months has really started to upset me but at the same time I think it has become a little bit of a reality check as I needed to see it! I needed to see what had happened to me and what I have been doing to myself! it has only spurred me on more.

I haven’t had a little chocolate here and there as a ‘treat’ as I normally would. my treats now consist of a muller light Chocolate Fix… a low fat/ low cal chocolate sauce in a pot… Seriously they are lush and feel so naughty and at only 5 smartpoints how can you go wrong?

If i haven’t had time to make something for work to eat I know exactly what I can eat and stay within points range… it’s getting easier and I’m exploring more and more of what I can have. For example;

I think of something I would like to eat, then I look at how I can twist it to make it healthier and check the points of each ingredient and look again at what I can substitute without losing any of the flavour! So far it’s really working. I’m having pizza with all kinds of toppings! I’m eating chicken and Turkey… I don’t even like Turkey but What i’m putting it with tastes so good!! I had a mini roast today which consisted of a Giant Yorkshire pudding. A 175g chicken breast grilled and shredded, gravy 1/4 pint, lots of peas, broccoli and carrots and it was amazing. I was so full afterwards I thought I was going to end up in a food coma! all adding up to 18sp and this is DIET FOOD!!!



I feel like I wouldn’t be in this position if I hadn’t have avoided this as ‘poppycock’ for so many years. It honestly truely works… my not so trusty scales have me down at 5lbs lighter… but my proper weigh in isn’t until March 11th when I get back on the big shouty machine in Tesco… Super embarrassing but got to be done.

GOALS for March 11th

  1. Lose 1 stone in weight (22st.7lbs)
  2. lose 2% body fat (62.4%)
  3. Arms lose .5 inch (14″)
  4. Waist lose 1″ (49.5″)
  5. Hips lose 1″ (57)
  6. Thighs lose .5″ (30.5) Total lose of 3 inches.


Wish me luck…


weight loss

Shock over… Let’s get on with it.

I’ve stayed within points most of the week *go me*
I have 26 weekly points left and it’s the end of the week tomorrow.

I’ve had SO much good food this week, Including a cook at home Chinese (was 33 points and lovely!)

Here’s some of the dishes I’ve made this week…

Bacon Sandwiches



2 Different Pizza’s… One on the left was Sweet chilli chicken and bacon and the one on the right is chorizo. Both with salad ๐Ÿ™‚


It’s great being more aware of how much I am eating and making small changes to my food so I can continue to eat things I like.

My sister and I went to Costa yesterday… ON A DIET!!!! we shared a Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffin and drank tea. It was so good and only 9sp!!! I’m feeling SO good about myself already and weighing myself on the not so trusty scales is going to be annoying but it’ll give me some kind of idea but then official weigh in is in 5 weeks time at the big shouty machine and fingers crossed it shows a difference… 5 weeks should be plenty of time to lose at least 10lbs… I hope…


Wish me luck!



weight loss

Well THAT Was A Shock

We are towards the end of week 1!

It is day 6 and I think I’m doing well.

Yesterday though… I finally got weighed. I weighed myself on one of those REALLY LOUD machines that you get a pharmacy’s and chemists…
The result?ย 326.5lbs


I’m in Shock! I have NEVER been that big before…

I have changed my starting weight to 329lbs (23st 7lbs) My Weightwatchers daily points have increaed to 55.

This is it. The End.




weight loss

Day one – My Plan!


This is the WeightWatchers App… I have this on my phone so I can track my Smart Points on the go. If you’re a member I fully recommend this as it’s easier to see where you are in the day.

To start everybody has 42 weekly points, you can use these if you don’t have enough points to last the day or you can save them up or if you’re feeling super cocky you can just not use them at all. The daily points are based on your on weight. I have 50 daily which seems to suit me fine, but I know this will drop as my weight does. Weekly points run for the week but you cannot carry forward daily points… (okay, I think I”ve got this)

The App is simple to use and allows you to see on a daily basis what you have left for the week and what you have left for each day. I love the fact that I can join just online and then I don’t have to go and see REAL people… I’m not a big fan of real interaction to be perfectly honest. (sorry!)

On top of all that you collect Fit points… you can give yourself a goal. mine is 5 a day which I think I need to change as I have it linked to my fitbit and a standard day at work gives me 12 points or more :/ but then again… doesn’t everyone like an overachiever?

As I write this it is 10pm. I have had all my food for the day including a rather lovely tomato and bacon pasta bake (Thank You Homepride ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) all in all I think I have done well… 44 daily points.

  • Breakfast – Cereal with Almond Milk, Green Tea – 6sp
  • Lunch – Low fat Chicken and Bacon Sandwich, Cereal bar and Flavoured Water – 12sp
  • Snack – Cereal Bar – 4sp
  • Dinner – Pasta Bake (with CHEESE!) 22sp

Total = 44 points. leaving 42 weekly points still intact.

I also have this thing about Jelly Beans… I LOVE Jelly Beans!!! I have split my 1kg jar into smaller portions worth 10 or 20sp this way if I have some points left over and fancy a treat I can have one….

I’m rating Day one a success…. Finger’s crossed Day two follows suit