weight loss

Day one – My Plan!


This is the WeightWatchers App… I have this on my phone so I can track my Smart Points on the go. If you’re a member I fully recommend this as it’s easier to see where you are in the day.

To start everybody has 42 weekly points, you can use these if you don’t have enough points to last the day or you can save them up or if you’re feeling super cocky you can just not use them at all. The daily points are based on your on weight. I have 50 daily which seems to suit me fine, but I know this will drop as my weight does. Weekly points run for the week but you cannot carry forward daily points… (okay, I think I”ve got this)

The App is simple to use and allows you to see on a daily basis what you have left for the week and what you have left for each day. I love the fact that I can join just online and then I don’t have to go and see REAL people… I’m not a big fan of real interaction to be perfectly honest. (sorry!)

On top of all that you collect Fit points… you can give yourself a goal. mine is 5 a day which I think I need to change as I have it linked to my fitbit and a standard day at work gives me 12 points or more :/ but then again… doesn’t everyone like an overachiever?

As I write this it is 10pm. I have had all my food for the day including a rather lovely tomato and bacon pasta bake (Thank You Homepride 😉 ) all in all I think I have done well… 44 daily points.

  • Breakfast – Cereal with Almond Milk, Green Tea – 6sp
  • Lunch – Low fat Chicken and Bacon Sandwich, Cereal bar and Flavoured Water – 12sp
  • Snack – Cereal Bar – 4sp
  • Dinner – Pasta Bake (with CHEESE!) 22sp

Total = 44 points. leaving 42 weekly points still intact.

I also have this thing about Jelly Beans… I LOVE Jelly Beans!!! I have split my 1kg jar into smaller portions worth 10 or 20sp this way if I have some points left over and fancy a treat I can have one….

I’m rating Day one a success…. Finger’s crossed Day two follows suit



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