weight loss

Shock over… Let’s get on with it.

I’ve stayed within points most of the week *go me*
I have 26 weekly points left and it’s the end of the week tomorrow.

I’ve had SO much good food this week, Including a cook at home Chinese (was 33 points and lovely!)

Here’s some of the dishes I’ve made this week…

Bacon Sandwiches



2 Different Pizza’s… One on the left was Sweet chilli chicken and bacon and the one on the right is chorizo. Both with salad 🙂


It’s great being more aware of how much I am eating and making small changes to my food so I can continue to eat things I like.

My sister and I went to Costa yesterday… ON A DIET!!!! we shared a Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffin and drank tea. It was so good and only 9sp!!! I’m feeling SO good about myself already and weighing myself on the not so trusty scales is going to be annoying but it’ll give me some kind of idea but then official weigh in is in 5 weeks time at the big shouty machine and fingers crossed it shows a difference… 5 weeks should be plenty of time to lose at least 10lbs… I hope…


Wish me luck!



4 thoughts on “Shock over… Let’s get on with it.”

      1. Exactly, I found when I did that I would just like totally binge eat an gain so much more weight from it because I deprived my body of it, it was like attack mode …horrible.. We can eat the things we love just in moderation !!

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