weight loss

Week one over – lots to go…

Week one ended on Sunday. I took my measurements…

The amount of weight I have put on in just the last 6 months has really started to upset me but at the same time I think it has become a little bit of a reality check as I needed to see it! I needed to see what had happened to me and what I have been doing to myself! it has only spurred me on more.

I haven’t had a little chocolate here and there as a ‘treat’ as I normally would. my treats now consist of a muller light Chocolate Fix… a low fat/ low cal chocolate sauce in a pot… Seriously they are lush and feel so naughty and at only 5 smartpoints how can you go wrong?

If i haven’t had time to make something for work to eat I know exactly what I can eat and stay within points range… it’s getting easier and I’m exploring more and more of what I can have. For example;

I think of something I would like to eat, then I look at how I can twist it to make it healthier and check the points of each ingredient and look again at what I can substitute without losing any of the flavour! So far it’s really working. I’m having pizza with all kinds of toppings! I’m eating chicken and Turkey… I don’t even like Turkey but What i’m putting it with tastes so good!! I had a mini roast today which consisted of a Giant Yorkshire pudding. A 175g chicken breast grilled and shredded, gravy 1/4 pint, lots of peas, broccoli and carrots and it was amazing. I was so full afterwards I thought I was going to end up in a food coma! all adding up to 18sp and this is DIET FOOD!!!



I feel like I wouldn’t be in this position if I hadn’t have avoided this as ‘poppycock’ for so many years. It honestly truely works… my not so trusty scales have me down at 5lbs lighter… but my proper weigh in isn’t until March 11th when I get back on the big shouty machine in Tesco… Super embarrassing but got to be done.

GOALS for March 11th

  1. Lose 1 stone in weight (22st.7lbs)
  2. lose 2% body fat (62.4%)
  3. Arms lose .5 inch (14″)
  4. Waist lose 1″ (49.5″)
  5. Hips lose 1″ (57)
  6. Thighs lose .5″ (30.5) Total lose of 3 inches.


Wish me luck…


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