weight loss

Week 2 Gone…

Week 2 just absolutely flew by!! It was crazy busy and I’m pleased to say it was infact another success…

I finished the week with 1 Weekly point left and a drop of 4.6lbs on my not so trusty scales

which would make this an estimated 1st loss so far…
With 25 days left before the weigh in on the Big Shouty Machine we’re heading very much in the right direction to be 22st 7lbs (as that is what I weighed in as today.)

I couldn’t be happier, I mean i’m eating the right foods, making the right choices to continue to enjoy what I eat. I don’t find myself as hungry as I ever did before. The real test will come this weekend though as I’m in London heading to LSCC (London Super Comic Con) for the Besties birthday! I made her cake today ready to be decorated Wednesday night/ Thursday morning ready to be shipped out on Friday Morning… 

The obstacles I face this week are as follows;

  • Cake Baking;
    I love baking. It’s something I’m not bad at which kinda makes it important to me, but I normally have a try of at least 2 cupcakes out of a batch. So far I have made 9 cupcakes and 9 cupcakes remain…. 
  • Long Train Journey;
    Long train journey’s are the snack food devil… Hot Chocolates to keep you warm, sweets and chocolate are easy to eat and it’s what everyone else will be eating.
  • Someone else’s cooking;
    As we are staying with a friend he will be cooking meals and therefore I have no control over what I shall be eating, so in this case it shall be smaller portions and fingers crossed and hope for the best.
  • Event Days;
    we are spending 2 days at the event which means having to take my own food as it will mostly be burger vans and various other easy food options which I cannot afford to snack on. 
  • Birthday Dinner;
    my friend and I have a tradition, every birthday we go to Harvester for dinner. we shall be going on Saturday. I’ve been through my little book of points and have tallied up how many points I shall be using for dinner
  • Birthday Cake;
    So there will come a time at the weekend where I will be expected to participate the life long tradition of eating Birthday cake! so i have accounted for this and hopefully my maths will pay off and it will end right. 

so to tackle this weeks issues I am doing all I can to save all my weekly points for this weekend as that is what will allow me to eat cake…. 

There will also be no weigh in next Monday as I shall be in Birmingham and the rest of the week I shall be in Swansea. I will weigh in on Saturday next week and then the following Monday 🙂 

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it!! 


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