weight loss

Holiday is over… back to reality!

I have had the best 10 days off work!

Where do I start?
I went to London on the Friday where we stayed at a friends, LSCC on the Saturday and Sunday,  Travelled from London to Birmingham Sunday night, Created a walk-in wardrobe for the besties modelling clothes and started a catalogue because hey! who doesn’t like colour coordinated lists? Wednesday came a long Journey from Birmingham to Swansea, a horrible emotional day on Thursday (because Sisters!) and back home via Birmingham on Friday…

It has been one hell of a ride and I’ve had so many issues food wise, let’s go back to my last entry and I’ll explain what went right and what went so very wrong…

  • Cake Baking
    I baked a Camera shaped cake and 9 cookie monster cupcakes, I ate nothing while making them but did have some over the weekend ( which I had made sure I pointed for anyway) so therefore this was a Success! 🙂
  • Long Train Journey
    I took an 8 point sandwich and cereal bars and only munched when I felt it absolutely necessary so I’m going for another Success! 🙂
  • Someone else’s cooking
    This is where things went bad, very very bad. Home made Paella for 2 days plus cooked breakfast for 2 days and constantly being told “you’re on holiday, diets don’t count” I got very stressed out by this which probably made it worse for me… it was better in Swansea as my sister is also dieting and made us a very nice chicken and lemon pesto risotto! Unsuccessful Challenge… better luck next time 😦
  • Event Days
    I took a packed lunch and a large bottle of water so there was no snacking and I felt really good about it as I could smell all the fresh cooked baguettes and pasta but I behaved and with it being one of the very few things I had control over at the weekend It was enjoyable so another Success 🙂
  • Birthday Dinner
    It wasn’t great, but wasn’t too bad either, There were things I had planned to have but they weren’t available so had to make last minute changes. Overall I was 5 points over what I had planned so counting this as a Success 🙂
  • Birthday Cake
    The cake was good… very good and I had 1 slice… so another Success!! 🙂

conclusion… 5/6 which isn’t bad but shamefully that 1 counted for a lot of my meals throughout the week, I also received some horrible news this week about my Grandfather passing away which I didn’t handle too well, I did eat my emotions which is not a healthy way to deal with grief. I know my blog is about weight loss but i’m going to take a moment to break away from that for just a second;

Granddad Fred was a lovely man, I have very fond memories of visiting him as a child before he moved to Cornwall. He has not been well for the last couple of years but he has now found peace. RIP Granddad. ❤

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I’m honestly worried. Even if I stay the same I will be happy… just 2 weeks to go before the halfway point weigh in at the Big Shouty Machine… 2 more weeks to pull out all the stops.



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