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Week 8 – I’ve lost a pug!

Hello Week 8 and what a good start to the week… I’m poorly and spent all of last night waking up coughing. Typical behaviour when I’m off work :p

BUT! I have lost 4lbs!! after last week I am thrilled…. just 18 days to the next turn on the big shouty machine and things are looking up, clothes are fitting better, i’m feeling better and despite being given 2 boxes of chocolates as leaving gifts I haven’t eaten them all, I have eaten some but as they are small and individually wrapped I have been able to point for them πŸ™‚

Right, I should explain how I’ve lost a Pug… So as of today, in line with my not so trusty scales I’m 21lbs down… So I googled what weighs 21lbs? This is what I found…

download (4)

A Pug!!! ( How Cute!)

download (3)

4 Table Lamps!!!

guinea pig

21 Guniea Pigs!!! (yes 21!!! glasses probably not included :p)

So a very happy day for me so far…. It’d be better if the weather was nicer and my lungs weren’t trying to kill me, but can’t have everything πŸ™‚

In 3 weeks time I need to make the decision…. Do I stay on WeightWatchers? I think the answer is already yes!

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Week 7 almost down…

So here we are… I had a rubbish week last week and so I had to take some time to just re-evaluate my situation.

Weigh in on Monday gave me a result of zero change, this did upset me a lot but I cannot help but look at the bright side and think I didn’t gain anything so it’s fine. my goal this Monday will be to be under 22st… anything under would be good. I just want to see the magic 21 at the start so I can start aiming for the 20st mark.

I gave myself a night to just ‘pig out’ I bought a big bag of crisps, a bag of mini eggs and a sandwich… I ate the sandwich less than half the crisps and have the mini eggs… I think that is something I needed to do. I didn’t eat everything like I would have done weeks ago as I just felt bad for doing so.

Now that’s all done lets move on…

I was re reading some of the posts I made and I came across this one…
Infuriating – 11th August 2014

In this post I addressed some issues about finding comfortable, averagely priced work out clothes. I would now like to confirm that this is now possible, Β They are not the worlds greatest quality but they do last quite some time…. I have had my most recent pair of running trousers for about a year now, they only cost me Β£12 in a sale. I have found that quite a few of the Supermarkets now hold a decent selection and their sizes go up to a 24, this is good for me but not for people bigger than that, which is a shame. so If you’re in the UK and looking for some decent sportswear which does not cost the earth try F&F at Tesco, George at Asda or Tu at Sainsbury’s.

I’ll update on Monday on my weigh in… Tonight is my last shift at my store in my home town…. maybe I’ll just cry the weight off. haha!


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Is the week over yet?

I think I started Week 6 too happy as it all seems to have come crashing down this weekend…

let’s start with the bad…

  1. I had my leaving do from work on Friday night… The alcohol I consumed was not pointed as well…. I don’t exactly remember what I drank but I know there was a lot of it as friends were trying to get me drunk… FUN!
  2. Today I’d slacked on the steps, went for a little walk but nothing too major.
  3. I feel as though i’ve done nothing but eat ALL day! I had a good breakfast of bacon and crumpets (which was pretty damn good tbh) then I had a Mcdonalds and for dinner a reduced fat/taste ready meal of Spagetti Bolagnaise… Snacks were a pack of wotsits and a Weightwatchers Chocolate bar… But i just feel so sick and unable to move and WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF? urgh…


  1. I kept up my 10,000 step goal for 6 days straight
  2. I’ve been really good with food all week
  3. I bought new underwear so they won’t keep falling down when I’m at work! (seriously we always discuss dress sizes but we forget that your knickers get too big too lol)
  4. I feel ill after having a bad day… this is progress…. this is my body yelling at me for going against what it now likes… less food and better food!!

Time to pick myself back up and get on with it.
Weigh in tomorrow… wish me luck!!

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Everyone needs a little humour…

I’ve decided I’m going to share with you all some pictures that my sister (who is also on a weightloss journey) and I send to one another that make us giggle…

They are all to do with dieting and being fat and they’re even more fun to send when you’re admitting to eating loads of Welsh Cakes (not me… I can’t stand them! haha)

Anywho… Enjoy….

Mmmm Pizza..


Too many Welsh Cakes
for a bad week



I hope you find these as amusing as we do…

Til next time… Toodles

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It began with a **BANG** A.K.A Week 6

Getting half way through your first 10 weeks, things can start to feel a bit out of place and what better way to enter the second half than to completely blow it out of the water… Okay, so I was about to give a speech about scoring first thing in the second half of a football (or soccer) match but that may just bore everyone…

Right, to the point!

Like I said the other day I had to weigh in on Monday morning… the result?

I lost 3lbs!

That brings my not so trusty scales total loss down to 17lbs.Β 

Big start… but wait! it gets better!

I need to start hitting my 10,000 step goal EVERYday! After talking to a friend, he decided when I went to visit we’d go on a big long walk and a little tour of the city. Yesterday I got to Stoke and we went on our little walk and 8 miles and 19,000 steps later we made it back to his. and we took a long walk back to the station this morning… Check this out…


2 days in and I’m just shy of 4 days worth of steps… My aim now is to continue this and hit my 10,000 everyday… even if it means walking on the spot Fitbit on wrist while watching some TV… I’m going to do it. More activity means more weight loss and walking is great for toning your muscles in your bum (which I am certainly feeling today!)

So that’s my great start to this week and may it continue cause I feel Awesome and I haven’t felt like this in a long time!

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Hello Week 6!

This post is a day early as I’m off to stoke in the morning to visit a friend. So instead of putting it off til Tuesday night/ Wednesday I’m doing it now.

So as I’ve had my big 5 week weigh in I’ve updated my weight on my Weightwatchers app my points have changed…


My daily allowance of points has dropped by 3, weeklies all stay the same. it’s 21 points less a week but that just means it’s 21 points I no longer need πŸ™‚


My Fit points I have set to 50 per week but I may increase this as I’m setting myself a goal to actually hit my 70000 steps next week. (easy, right?)

I’m so excited for what’s to come in my weight loss journey.

Here’s to another week of challenges and pushing myself!


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I thought it was time I sat down and set myself some goals… more than just my 5 weekly goals….

The thing to remember about goals is they are flexible. If you smash one make the next one a little harder, if you don’t quite reach it make the next one a little easier. Hitting goals and targets are what spurs us on to keep going, but if you make them too easy then it’s no longer a challenge and you feel like there is no need to keep pushing yourself.

That being set I have 3 goals…

  1. My end goal
  2. A recent goal (my 5 weekly weigh in)
  3. A goal a few months from now

So my Weight Targets are as follows;

  • My Goal Weight is 150lbs (10st 10lbs)
    I need to lose 179lbs (12st 12lbs) total from starting weight.
  • My weigh in is April 15th. My goal is 12lbs, making my total loss so far 48lbs (2st)Β 
  • My next goal will be July 15th. Friday before my birthday (seemed like a good day to choose) I am hoping for a total loss of 60lbs (4st 4lbs) which leaves 44lbs to lose over the next 18 weeks. As this goal is far away I will move this goal post nearer the time if I feel it is necessary (that’s moving it further not closer)



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The Long Anticipated Week 5 Post

It feels like I’ve waited ages to write this… IT has only been 5 weeks but still feels like forever….

To start I want to say thanks to those that read my last post, it’s stuff I so badly needed to share with whoever would listen and it really helped! I’ve slept more in the last 2 nights Than I have in weeks! So it must have really been effecting me.

Today was the day that I got on the Big Shouty Machine…. except today it wasn’t big and shouty, either they turned the volume down or I just didn’t care what was about to happen. I felt confident that I would see a change on the scale and a change is definitely what I saw.

GOALS for March 11th

  1. Lose 1 stone in weight (22st.7lbs)
  2. Lose 2% body fat (62.4%)
  3. Arms lose .5 inch (14β€³)
  4. Waist lose 1β€³ (49.5β€³)
  5. Hips lose 1β€³ (57)
  6. Thighs lose .5β€³ (30.5) Total loss of 3 inches.


  • Lost 1 stone 2.2lbs (22st. 4.8lbs)
  • Lost 4% body fat (60.4%)
  • Arms stayed the same (14.5″)
  • Waist lost 1.5″ (49″)
  • Hips lost 2″ (56″)
  • Thigh lost 3″ (28″) Total loss of 6.5 inches
  • LostΒ 4.86% of my total weight!!!

I smashed my targets!!! I cannot wait for my next big weigh in which will be 15th April (which I’ll probably be in Wales for so I best find a place with a big shouty machine!)

My Goals are as follows;

  1. Lose 12lbs (21st. 7)
  2. Lose 2% body fat (58.4%)
  3. Arms, lose 0.5″ (14″)
  4. Waist, lose 1″ (48″)
  5. Hips, lose 1″ (55)
  6. Thighs, lose 0.5″ (27.5″)

I think these are pretty achievable goals. I don’t have any events or anything crazy planned out between now and then so no off weeks… except we have promised ourselves pizza from our favourite place the night before the move (it’s not a chain so will not have their food again 😦 ) This weight goal will bring me back under the 300lbs mark and my first major milestone…

Still have Monday’s not so trusty scales weigh in to look forward to and I’ve never felt so positive in my life.

Happy Kittie πŸ™‚



It’s one of those days… (mostly non weight related post)

Okay so here’s the deal. one blog post only here is going to be mostly non weight related stuff. I have a lot on my mind and i just have nowhere else left to express it, my friends don’t read this so here it is…

I’m not doing okay. I’m due to move away from the home I’ve had for the last 26.5 years of my 26.5 years of my life… I’m moving to the South of Wales which is 171 miles away….
Reasons why this is NOT okay are as follows;

  1. Instead of being 34 miles from my best friend I will be 139 miles away… and 322 miles from my other best friend instead of 176 miles. I’m not very good with people… I’m not a huge fan of people to be completely honest so when I find people I like, it’s nice to be around them as it’s hard to know when that’s going to happen again… (sorry!)
  2. I’m alone… I’m always alone, apart from the odd few days I go and see friends, I’m constantly alone. My last relationship ended 2.5 years ago and I’ve not had a second date with anyone in that time… I don’t even know how to act on a date? what to say? what to do? and then I get shitted on by finding out that the last dates I went on… they were already in a relationships. My best friend joined me up to a dating sight and I’m probably messing that up already.
  3. I don’t know if I’m still going to have a job. I’m waiting to hear back from 2 stores I’ve applied to for a transfer and so far nothing…. I’m due to start on the 25th April but no idea if that is actually going to happen, or if I need to start seeking different employment, but either way I’m having to start from the bottom as I’ve been trying to progress for so long it’s starting to feel like it’s not worth it.
  4. My sister and my Nephew’s currently live 8 miles away, I’ve watched them all grow up and now, I’m hardly going to see them and that breaks my heart.
  5. I have never reacted well with stress, I’ve been bottling this up for weeks and honestly I’m writing this as I feel ready to explode. I have no idea where my life is headed and I need to save up money to go back to uni to do what I actually want to do, but every year I get older and every year it seems further and further away.

I’m sure there are some positives to the move, for a start there is more to do there and far more to see. right now though I just don’t want to go. I understand it’s for the best and things will be so much easier for my dad and he gets to see more of his grandchild, I just feel selfish for thinking about me and what effects it has on my life and the thing that scares me the most is, I think I’m going to end up alone… It’s been on my mind alot the past few months but I found out a couple years ago (around the time my last relationship ended) that I cannot have kids, I’m never going to be a mum. For someone who has never wanted kids, it really fucking hurts….

What I need is for someone to just tell me everything will be okay and a hug or 2 would help. I know if I’m not okay I should just say so but I don’t want to unload my crap on other people. I don’t expect anyone to read this but it does feel better to get it out in the open…

So I’m going to end this post with a positive note;

I lost 3lbs this week.

Goodnight x


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Hello and Goodbye week 4!

I’ve reached the end of week 4… And I still feel pretty good!

I lost 1lbs on Monday, Which I know isn’t a great deal but a loss is a loss and I’m celebrating that little victory. Β I had a terrible week food wise so I’m VERY happy.

Just 5 more days til I step on the big shouty machine and I am so worried that it’s going to tell me I’ve lost all of 2lbs these past 5 weeks. Although I’ve had a very good week this week. a very nice lunch at Wetherspoons on Thursday and a great late lunch at Nandos on Saturday (after watching Deadpool which was AMAZING… seriously, go see it!) I have come to the realisation that I need to build my confidence back up… I maybe fat but I’m working on fixing that. There’s no real reason for me to be ashamed, although I think my problem is I feel bad for the people I’m with, like I wish I looked better for them…? Does that even make sense? I don’t want people I’m with to be ashamed to be seen with me… That’s basically what I’m saying.

It’s the first time in my journey to lose weight that I’ve realised I don’t just want to be fitter, I want to be prettier. I want to feelΒ beautiful and have someone look at me the way I look at Chris Pratt or Chocolate Fudge cake (lol!) but again in all seriousness, I want someone who likes me how I am now and can see the potential in me (which I hope to God I have) and they’ll support me in my change and not sit there and eat all the junk food they could possibly get their hands on or tell me I’m on holiday and it doesn’t matter what I eat, cause when I fall, I crash and sometimes I end up at square 1 and others I get worse.

So that was some deep stuff there… so moving on…

Weigh in tomorrow hoping on a 3lbs loss and then I shall update on Friday with the results of the big shouty machine.

Wish me luck… I’m going to need it!