weight loss

The Long Anticipated Week 5 Post

It feels like I’ve waited ages to write this… IT has only been 5 weeks but still feels like forever….

To start I want to say thanks to those that read my last post, it’s stuff I so badly needed to share with whoever would listen and it really helped! I’ve slept more in the last 2 nights Than I have in weeks! So it must have really been effecting me.

Today was the day that I got on the Big Shouty Machine…. except today it wasn’t big and shouty, either they turned the volume down or I just didn’t care what was about to happen. I felt confident that I would see a change on the scale and a change is definitely what I saw.

GOALS for March 11th

  1. Lose 1 stone in weight (22st.7lbs)
  2. Lose 2% body fat (62.4%)
  3. Arms lose .5 inch (14″)
  4. Waist lose 1″ (49.5″)
  5. Hips lose 1″ (57)
  6. Thighs lose .5″ (30.5) Total loss of 3 inches.


  • Lost 1 stone 2.2lbs (22st. 4.8lbs)
  • Lost 4% body fat (60.4%)
  • Arms stayed the same (14.5″)
  • Waist lost 1.5″ (49″)
  • Hips lost 2″ (56″)
  • Thigh lost 3″ (28″) Total loss of 6.5 inches
  • Lost 4.86% of my total weight!!!

I smashed my targets!!! I cannot wait for my next big weigh in which will be 15th April (which I’ll probably be in Wales for so I best find a place with a big shouty machine!)

My Goals are as follows;

  1. Lose 12lbs (21st. 7)
  2. Lose 2% body fat (58.4%)
  3. Arms, lose 0.5″ (14″)
  4. Waist, lose 1″ (48″)
  5. Hips, lose 1″ (55)
  6. Thighs, lose 0.5″ (27.5″)

I think these are pretty achievable goals. I don’t have any events or anything crazy planned out between now and then so no off weeks… except we have promised ourselves pizza from our favourite place the night before the move (it’s not a chain so will not have their food again 😦 ) This weight goal will bring me back under the 300lbs mark and my first major milestone…

Still have Monday’s not so trusty scales weigh in to look forward to and I’ve never felt so positive in my life.

Happy Kittie 🙂


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