weight loss


I thought it was time I sat down and set myself some goals… more than just my 5 weekly goals….

The thing to remember about goals is they are flexible. If you smash one make the next one a little harder, if you don’t quite reach it make the next one a little easier. Hitting goals and targets are what spurs us on to keep going, but if you make them too easy then it’s no longer a challenge and you feel like there is no need to keep pushing yourself.

That being set I have 3 goals…

  1. My end goal
  2. A recent goal (my 5 weekly weigh in)
  3. A goal a few months from now

So my Weight Targets are as follows;

  • My Goal Weight is 150lbs (10st 10lbs)
    I need to lose 179lbs (12st 12lbs) total from starting weight.
  • My weigh in is April 15th. My goal is 12lbs, making my total loss so far 48lbs (2st) 
  • My next goal will be July 15th. Friday before my birthday (seemed like a good day to choose) I am hoping for a total loss of 60lbs (4st 4lbs) which leaves 44lbs to lose over the next 18 weeks. As this goal is far away I will move this goal post nearer the time if I feel it is necessary (that’s moving it further not closer)



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