weight loss

It began with a **BANG** A.K.A Week 6

Getting half way through your first 10 weeks, things can start to feel a bit out of place and what better way to enter the second half than to completely blow it out of the water… Okay, so I was about to give a speech about scoring first thing in the second half of a football (or soccer) match but that may just bore everyone…

Right, to the point!

Like I said the other day I had to weigh in on Monday morning… the result?

I lost 3lbs!

That brings my not so trusty scales total loss down to 17lbs

Big start… but wait! it gets better!

I need to start hitting my 10,000 step goal EVERYday! After talking to a friend, he decided when I went to visit we’d go on a big long walk and a little tour of the city. Yesterday I got to Stoke and we went on our little walk and 8 miles and 19,000 steps later we made it back to his. and we took a long walk back to the station this morning… Check this out…


2 days in and I’m just shy of 4 days worth of steps… My aim now is to continue this and hit my 10,000 everyday… even if it means walking on the spot Fitbit on wrist while watching some TV… I’m going to do it. More activity means more weight loss and walking is great for toning your muscles in your bum (which I am certainly feeling today!)

So that’s my great start to this week and may it continue cause I feel Awesome and I haven’t felt like this in a long time!

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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