weight loss

Is the week over yet?

I think I started Week 6 too happy as it all seems to have come crashing down this weekend…

let’s start with the bad…

  1. I had my leaving do from work on Friday night… The alcohol I consumed was not pointed as well…. I don’t exactly remember what I drank but I know there was a lot of it as friends were trying to get me drunk… FUN!
  2. Today I’d slacked on the steps, went for a little walk but nothing too major.
  3. I feel as though i’ve done nothing but eat ALL day! I had a good breakfast of bacon and crumpets (which was pretty damn good tbh) then I had a Mcdonalds and for dinner a reduced fat/taste ready meal of Spagetti Bolagnaise… Snacks were a pack of wotsits and a Weightwatchers Chocolate bar… But i just feel so sick and unable to move and WHAT AM I DOING TO MYSELF? urgh…


  1. I kept up my 10,000 step goal for 6 days straight
  2. I’ve been really good with food all week
  3. I bought new underwear so they won’t keep falling down when I’m at work! (seriously we always discuss dress sizes but we forget that your knickers get too big too lol)
  4. I feel ill after having a bad day… this is progress…. this is my body yelling at me for going against what it now likes… less food and better food!!

Time to pick myself back up and get on with it.
Weigh in tomorrow… wish me luck!!

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