weight loss

Week 7 almost down…

So here we are… I had a rubbish week last week and so I had to take some time to just re-evaluate my situation.

Weigh in on Monday gave me a result of zero change, this did upset me a lot but I cannot help but look at the bright side and think I didn’t gain anything so it’s fine. my goal this Monday will be to be under 22st… anything under would be good. I just want to see the magic 21 at the start so I can start aiming for the 20st mark.

I gave myself a night to just ‘pig out’ I bought a big bag of crisps, a bag of mini eggs and a sandwich… I ate the sandwich less than half the crisps and have the mini eggs… I think that is something I needed to do. I didn’t eat everything like I would have done weeks ago as I just felt bad for doing so.

Now that’s all done lets move on…

I was re reading some of the posts I made and I came across this one…
Infuriating – 11th August 2014

In this post I addressed some issues about finding comfortable, averagely priced work out clothes. I would now like to confirm that this is now possible,  They are not the worlds greatest quality but they do last quite some time…. I have had my most recent pair of running trousers for about a year now, they only cost me £12 in a sale. I have found that quite a few of the Supermarkets now hold a decent selection and their sizes go up to a 24, this is good for me but not for people bigger than that, which is a shame. so If you’re in the UK and looking for some decent sportswear which does not cost the earth try F&F at Tesco, George at Asda or Tu at Sainsbury’s.

I’ll update on Monday on my weigh in… Tonight is my last shift at my store in my home town…. maybe I’ll just cry the weight off. haha!


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