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Week 10, I got weighed and I cried.

It is now the midway point of week 11 and I have been trying to avoid writing this since Friday. I’m not going to lie my weigh in didn’t hit the goal and I’m fully aware as to why and yes I do want to do something about that but it’s left me a little deflated… in fact since Friday I have just been deflated.

let’s go through the numbers…

My Goals are as follows;

  1. Lose 12lbs (21st. 7)
  2. Lose 2% body fat (58.4%)
  3. Arms, lose 0.5″ (14″)
  4. Waist, lose 1″ (48″)
  5. Hips, lose 1″ (55“)
  6. Thighs, lose 0.5″ (27.5″)

So… This is What happened…

  • Lost 7lbs (21st 12)
  • Lost 1.1% body fat (59.3%)
  • Arms stayed the same (14.5″)
  • Waist lost 1.5″ (47.5″)
  • Hips lost 2″ (54″)
  • Thighs stayed the same (28″)
  • Lost 6.99% of my total weight (from start)

so I let myself down when it came to the weight loss this time around but my schedule as been messed up since finishing work.  I need to set some new goals for the next 5 weeks but in 2 weeks time I will have my proper scales back, so i’m doing another weigh in in 3 weeks (a goal of 5lbs I think is achievable) I’m moving my weigh day to a Friday and my weight will start from scratch on my proper scales. So my weight may go back up but then I will only have the one set to worry about and I think in the long run that will be the best bet.


  1. I’ve lost 23lbs (1st 8lbs)
  2. I have lost a total of 10inches around my body
    *Arms 0 change
    *Waist -3″
    *Hips -4″
    *Thighs -3″
  3. I’ve lost 7% of my body weight as a whole.
  4. I’m feeling better about myself
  5. The slower it comes off the more likely it is to stay off

This is a good thing! It’s coming off, not as fast as I hoped but still coming off and That’s what I need to remember. a crisis of faith is happening but I need to just kick myself and remind myself as to why I’m doing this, who I’m doing this for.


I will get there… I’m determined to.

🙂 It’ll all work out in the end, and that is what truly matters. and hey! if it was easy I’d have done it years ago and it wouldn’t feel like an achievement.

Goal for May 6th
(slightly different due to it being new scales)

Do Not Exceed 301lbs (21st 7lbs)


weight loss

Week 10!!! Feels like I’ve been waiting for you for forever…

Here we are… the magical 10th week. This is the week I’ve been waiting for, my make or break week and I’ve never been so excited to step on the scales…. this Friday (4 days from now – more like 3 as It’s almost midnight as I type this) I will be stepping on the big shouty machine for my 10 week accurate weigh in. Nervous and So SO excited… I weighed in today on the not so trusty scales and I’m down 2lbs… a total loss now of 24lbs.

In all honesty I think I’m going to fall a little shy of my 12lbs 5 week goal (2st 10 week goal) It has been a rough couple weeks, eating the same but the activity just hasn’t been there. I’m taking my dog out when I can and going out for random walks but I just didn’t realise how much I actually walked at work. I’d often joke that I could circle the store twice in half an hour just running after things but I must have done picking up thousands of steps in such a small shift… now I need to fit it in around doing other things and it can be quite difficult.

Touching on what I wrote in my last post, Chatting to some people on the WW (weightwatchers) App There are quite a few people that have friends and family who either don’t care about their weight/ health or don’t need to worry about it and they pick places to go out for lunch and dinner and never give the consideration that their friend/ family member who has struggled with their weight for so many years and has finally found a solution wouldn’t be able to eat there, but there are dozens of other places they could go. So I just wanted to say I wouldn’t have got this far if it wasn’t for the support of some people, like everything you have so many people you need to thank for being there for you, but ultimately there is a handful of people that have helped that little bit more… even changing where they’d like to go for lunch one Saturday afternoon to help you make a better, healthier, less pointed choice… It’s the little things… Even someone who hasn’t known you so long is so much more supportive than most of your friends that have seen you try so many options and failed every time. So what I’m saying is there are really a handful of people I want to REALLY thank and I’m rubbish with words and feelings and everything else… I find it easier to write everything down here… I will thank these people for being awesome in person… when I find the right words… So…

  • My Big Sister… If she hadn’t have joined WW and raved about how good it was I wouldn’t be doing this at all, So Thanks, I seriously owe you!
  • My Best Friend… She’s always supported me, through school, failed diets, failed relationships, making cosplays, my whole life falling apart… she’s always kept me together and I love her so much for being her. I’m grateful for everything she has done for me and the things she will continue to do.
  • The only person in my life that actually reads this blog…
    We haven’t known each other long, we often talk about nothing and everything and your support has meant the world to me. I know it’s going to be a while before I get to see you again (stupid move 😦 ) but I want you to know that I am so grateful that you put up with me talking rubbish and the support you’ve given me through this journey already has been awesome, just like you are. I hope you read this post as I’ve tried to say Thank you a dozen times and it never comes out right… So, Thank You, I hope you’ll be in my life for a long time to come. 🙂 🙂
  • I Should also thank my dad… for not offering me an ice cream while he stuffs his face with his lol…

Here’s to Friday’s weigh in…
Hope you all have a lovely week 🙂

weight loss

Looks like a good day for a blog entry…

Today is Friday of week 9! WEEK 9!!! I certainly didn’t think I’d still be blogging and sticking to plan come week 9 but with the support of my friends, family and 64 Followers (64? I’m honoured that so many of you want to read the dribble I come out with each week 🙂 )  I have kept going. Just 1 week to go to the big Shouty Machine weigh in and I’m bricking it. I feel like I’ve let myself down somehow this past week and not sure as to why… Maybe it’s just one of those weeks. I’ve not had much social time since Saturday. Not working is starting to drive me crazy which I would normally lay on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle and eating god knows what… but I’m not, If i feel the bored hunger strikes I pick up some fruit or go out for a walk. My steps are suffering not being at work too… this is also getting me down.

Right… something to brighten this miserable day… I lost 1lbs on Monday so my not so trusty scales total is now down to 22lbs loss. This is a good result. I’m worried I’m not going to hit my target on Friday…

Let’s talk about food!!! I have had pasta 2 days running (damn it was good) I made a cheese sauce out of almond milk and slices of spicy chilli cheddar cheese, one day with bacon another with chicken and it was SOOOO good! I have also found a recipe to make my own Chicken fried rice… for just 9sp per serving!!! compare that to the 1/2 container portion from the chinese takeaway at 16sp!! (WINNER) My weekly points are going to be coming down again soon and I need to start preparing myself for that… more 0sp snacks and I REALLY need to plan my meals… for example I ran out of my sandwich thins (3sp each) and struggle to find lunch (as I didn’t want to go shopping… I hate shopping) so I had a burger in a Tiger bread Roll at 8sp!!! 8!!! was it even worth an extra 5sp? no! did I miss eating it? No! This is all about making the right choices… not cutting things out of your life (cause hey, where is the fun in that?) I think I’m learning…

I came across this on Facebook this afternoon…


And I cannot believe How much I actually relate to this… I know my final goal is 10st 10 (150lbs) but ultimately my goal is to look in a mirror and not hate myself. They say no one can love you until you learn to love yourself but I do love who I am, I love everything about me except my body… I’m trying to rid myself of years of bad habits and it’s going to take a long time to get to where I will be happy… but If I get to a stage on this journey, regardless of what I weigh, where I look in the mirror and think ‘fuck’ cause I love what I’ve become, that’s my cue to stop… Cause if I think I’m beautiful… hopefully someone else will feel the same… and mean it… or more importantly…

I’ll believe them.

weight loss

I’m living a completely different life…

This week I have really surprised myself.

I went out on Tuesday, took my mini me out for the day ( she used to live over the road from me and is basically like a little sister) We went to Nando’s for Lunch where I had a grilled chicken pitta then I went to Wagamamma’s and had a Katsu Curry… It was all lovely and I stopped eating when I had had enough… There is this beautiful thing in my body now and I listen to it. It tells me when I am full and have had enough and it is great…

I went to Frankie and Benny’s on friday and treated my dad to dinner. I was sensible, stuck to my points and had a fabulous meal. Everything is going so well!!

Yesterday I met up with someone awesome and we went for a wander around the city, we grabbed a Subway and walked to the park, sat in the sun. it was a very lovely day. I find it so much easier to stick to points and be healthier and snack less when I’m around people I like… makes sense really. I get distracted from food which I turn to when I’m bored, so definitely need to do this more often.

Okay so time to fess up… it’s been a great week (pending Monday’s weigh in) I kind of did something silly…
I went on my good old friend Google and typed in my height and found lots of forums where people have posted their height, weight and dress size and to my complete horror nearly all of the people who are of my height and body shape are 80lbs lighter than me but the same dress size as I am now? I know this really doesn’t mean anything in the long run, but I had a moment of being downhearted that I am still going to be this big in 6 months time….

That’s not how it works… I need to convince myself of that… I need to see more change and therefore I need to stick to it, and just pray that 80lbs will make the difference I was hoping for… just a dress size… please?