weight loss

I’m living a completely different life…

This week I have really surprised myself.

I went out on Tuesday, took my mini me out for the day ( she used to live over the road from me and is basically like a little sister) We went to Nando’s for Lunch where I had a grilled chicken pitta then I went to Wagamamma’s and had a Katsu Curry… It was all lovely and I stopped eating when I had had enough… There is this beautiful thing in my body now and I listen to it. It tells me when I am full and have had enough and it is great…

I went to Frankie and Benny’s on friday and treated my dad to dinner. I was sensible, stuck to my points and had a fabulous meal. Everything is going so well!!

Yesterday I met up with someone awesome and we went for a wander around the city, we grabbed a Subway and walked to the park, sat in the sun. it was a very lovely day. I find it so much easier to stick to points and be healthier and snack less when I’m around people I like… makes sense really. I get distracted from food which I turn to when I’m bored, so definitely need to do this more often.

Okay so time to fess up… it’s been a great week (pending Monday’s weigh in) I kind of did something silly…
I went on my good old friend Google and typed in my height and found lots of forums where people have posted their height, weight and dress size and to my complete horror nearly all of the people who are of my height and body shape are 80lbs lighter than me but the same dress size as I am now? I know this really doesn’t mean anything in the long run, but I had a moment of being downhearted that I am still going to be this big in 6 months time….

That’s not how it works… I need to convince myself of that… I need to see more change and therefore I need to stick to it, and just pray that 80lbs will make the difference I was hoping for… just a dress size… please?

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