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Weigh in Day… Drum Roll Please…

It’s FRIDAY!!!

Who loves Friday? I know I do!! Friday Weigh ins seem to be better than Monday as I’m better behaved at the weekends when it comes to food ( yay!)

So I’ve been stuck on 306lbs (21st 12lbs) for the last few weeks, which as I said before eating habits had gone a little down hill and I was starting to fall apart and not care.

I gave myself a right big kick up the arse and got myself thinking again, why I want to do this and why I’ve been working so hard for it. So here I am on Weigh In day after a week of behaving (mostly) and I’m 304lbs!!! yes 304!!! that’s 2lbs gone!!! feel like such a winner today!! I almost feel unstoppable!

There are 2 things you need when things feel like they are going wrong and feeling sorry for yourself, first, give yourself a massive kick to sort yourself out and second, a good friend who will quiz you on what you had for dinner that night when you went pub and ask how it affected your points for the week… Those are the kind of people you need in your life, those kinds of people are Awesome and you definitely wish you could see them more.

Starting a new week as a very happy Bunny!!!! hopefully this is the break through I’ve been looking for 🙂

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EXCUSES…. you DON’T belong here anymore!!

Week 1 back on it and I’ll be honest it’s not been going well…

I feel like I’m just making excuses every day, we don’t have a proper functional kitchen yet as there’s still so much furniture to build and boxes to unpack and i’m working and can’t be bothered to cook and it’s take a ways and pizza and chip shop…

I’m missing friends, some more than others, i hate my job ( but have applied for other jobs) I bought a shirt today for my interview next week, it’s 1.5 sizes bigger than I normally wear as it’s 1, not stretchy and 2, I have BOOBS… the rest of the top looks like a tent 😦

There’s one person in particular I’m missing, so much so all I can think about is trying to find a way to go back and visit them. but it seems like a million miles away and I know there will come a day when they won’t want to talk to me anymore, which when you’re 180 miles away is completely understandable.

I feel like I’m dropping into a pit, a bit where I hate where I am, who I am and all I want to do is lay in bed, watch A Little Princess and completely stuff myself silly with chocolate. which is not going to help me one bit, my weight upsets me, i get upset i just want to stuff myself and we end up in this horrible vicious circle all over again.

I’m just making constant excuses for myself and the only reason my weight isn’t going up is because of the amount of activity I have been doing. although I’ve been dropped down to 16 hours, over 4 days (urgh…) the walk from home to the station and from the station to work has really boosted my steps…


These are my Fitbit Steps from this week, Mon 16th – Fri 20th The 8,770 and the 9,295 days were my days off and the 9,440 was the day I got a lift to work but made my own way home. so honestly not too bad I think. I have work again tomorrow. So now it’s just about getting my thoughts together, my diet back on track cause hell I still want to look good and feel good.

                 STOP MAKING EXCUSES KAT!!!!!!!!!


weight loss

Back to Normal (Kinda)

I’m in my new house!! I have Internet!!

What a crazy few weeks it has been. I left Lutterworth on April 29th. I stayed in LLandarcy for 6 days before moving into the new house on May 4th. We went to Birmingham, picked up Boris (the dog) and got a couple of air beds and sleeping bags so we could be in the new house with him. Missed him SO much! lots of cuddles were had.

It’s 8 days later, the bunk bed in my room is almost down, the ‘built in’ cupboard is down and we have a new fridge freezer…. Surrounded by lots of boxes and still Loads to do… Ikea trip was very succesful. many flat packs to build. I’m back at work and have a 20 min walk from home to the station, lots of activity. just need to ge the eating back on track. it has been a crap couple weeks not being in my own space to make things i want to eat and then having nothing to make it with… we still can’t find the crockery lol.

so anyways new scales are in place and I got on them today…

306lbs (21st 12)

No weight change!!

I’m actually happy with this, I wanted to be at 301lbs but the difference in the scales I’m using and the crap couple weeks i’ve had i’ll take the zero weight change. 🙂 from here on in it’s go time… Gym to join, long walks to work and hopefully more weight will drop off!!

I shall be back to update next week 🙂

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I’m still here….

I just thought I needed to give a keep post update to say I haven’t gone anywhere. This post maybe awful as it’s all via my tablet instead of laptop cause I don’t really have that to hand….

So what’s been going on?

Well I’m still sticking to weighwatchers where I can. I left Leicestershire but the new house in South Wales we can’t move into til Thursday… So I live and work here but all my stuff is in storage (yay?)

So. No weigh in yet. As of the move etc I won’t be weighing in this week either. So Friday next week will be my first official weigh in. My weigh in day will then continue to be a Friday as I’ll have my own scales back so no more big shout machine. So I shall update in 12 days 🙂