weight loss

Back to Normal (Kinda)

I’m in my new house!! I have Internet!!

What a crazy few weeks it has been. I left Lutterworth on April 29th. I stayed in LLandarcy for 6 days before moving into the new house on May 4th. We went to Birmingham, picked up Boris (the dog) and got a couple of air beds and sleeping bags so we could be in the new house with him. Missed him SO much! lots of cuddles were had.

It’s 8 days later, the bunk bed in my room is almost down, the ‘built in’ cupboard is down and we have a new fridge freezer…. Surrounded by lots of boxes and still Loads to do… Ikea trip was very succesful. many flat packs to build. I’m back at work and have a 20 min walk from home to the station, lots of activity. just need to ge the eating back on track. it has been a crap couple weeks not being in my own space to make things i want to eat and then having nothing to make it with… we still can’t find the crockery lol.

so anyways new scales are in place and I got on them today…

306lbs (21st 12)

No weight change!!

I’m actually happy with this, I wanted to be at 301lbs but the difference in the scales I’m using and the crap couple weeks i’ve had i’ll take the zero weight change. 🙂 from here on in it’s go time… Gym to join, long walks to work and hopefully more weight will drop off!!

I shall be back to update next week 🙂

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