weight loss

Weigh in Day… Drum Roll Please…

It’s FRIDAY!!!

Who loves Friday? I know I do!! Friday Weigh ins seem to be better than Monday as I’m better behaved at the weekends when it comes to food ( yay!)

So I’ve been stuck on 306lbs (21st 12lbs) for the last few weeks, which as I said before eating habits had gone a little down hill and I was starting to fall apart and not care.

I gave myself a right big kick up the arse and got myself thinking again, why I want to do this and why I’ve been working so hard for it. So here I am on Weigh In day after a week of behaving (mostly) and I’m 304lbs!!! yes 304!!! that’s 2lbs gone!!! feel like such a winner today!! I almost feel unstoppable!

There are 2 things you need when things feel like they are going wrong and feeling sorry for yourself, first, give yourself a massive kick to sort yourself out and second, a good friend who will quiz you on what you had for dinner that night when you went pub and ask how it affected your points for the week… Those are the kind of people you need in your life, those kinds of people are Awesome and you definitely wish you could see them more.

Starting a new week as a very happy Bunny!!!! hopefully this is the break through I’ve been looking for 🙂

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