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I went to the Gym, why am I not skinny yet??


I’m struggling to get to the gym, I hate my job and it’s all crashing around me, still waiting for a start date on my new job and that’s kinda getting me down. All I want to do is shove my face inn a massive bowl of chocolate and only resurface for air…


I’ve come too far to go back now. I keep telling myself;

If Losing Weight Was Easy, Everybody Would Do It. 

I don’t want to give up, I want to keep going. I enjoy what is happening to my body and I want to be fit and healthy. Some days it feels as though it doesn’t matter what I do, it isn’t enough. I’ve lost 2 stone, which is incredible (especially for me) but There is still another 10 stone to go…

It will not happen over night, but I need something now, a new dress size, a nice comment… just something!

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Did someone say Stats?

Fitbit stats for 20/06/16 – 26/06/16


Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: -10724
  • Miles: -4.62
  • Floors: +12

Last weeks goals…

  1. walk at least 77,000 steps. Have 1 day where I hit 16,000!
  2. keep up the 5+ Miles a day
  3. hit 90 flights of stairs.
  1. Half Done… Missed a 1 day of 16,000 :/
  2. Failed 😦 😦
  3. Smashed it 🙂

Goals for the week ahead…

This week has already started badly so I’m going to make these easier;

  1. Walk at least 70,000 steps
  2. Aim for 4.5miles a day
  3. Walk at least 70 flights of stairs.
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This is going to be a long one…


So here I am on the 26th June 2016 and having hit yet another brick wall when it comes to weight loss, yes last weekend was a bit rubbish having friends over which included a Chinese on Friday night, Chip shop at the beach and Harvester for dinner Saturday, Cooked breakfast and Ice cream at a different beach on the Sunday. Having friends come and visit is awesome. just not for my diet so much!

I made an awesome purchase the other week on a recommendation from my sister. The WW journals are good but they take a bit much to fill in… they are quite thick and heavy but she found something better, a diary by Fox and Moon. They do diet friendly diary’s, Suitable for WeightWatchers and Slimming World too.

This is mine…

IMG_20160614_182334 I got it on Sale, It made me giggle.

It makes meal planning easier with a space for a shopping list also. I’ve since found other people that do similar diary’s so a quick google search could point you in the right direction…

Yesterday I did this;


I’ve planned my meals and points for everyday and then went shopping and got everything I was missing. Today I am having a Chicken and Veg soup and French Stick for dinner at a wonderful total of 11 points 🙂 (winning) Lunch didn’t go to plan today though, we got stuck in the Swansea city centre because of the diversions in place for the Swansea Half Marathon. So ended up having to eat in town which gave me a 25point lunch instead of 17. BUT I did leave myself 18 extra points to use today before having to go into weeklies.

Exercise wise I have been doing well. I’ve been at the gym and my steps have been pretty good too. I’m thinking about upping my step goal to 11,000 instead of 10,000 and then maybe every month or 2 up it by another 500 as I am averaging 11,500 at the moment.

Working 6 days last week has really messed up my mood. unfortunately I’m doing it again this week and I’m unsure I’ll be able to cope. Today is my day off. I kinda promised myself I would go to the gym but it is now 16:30, the gym shuts in 3 hours and I’m watching The Blacklist with no intention of moving. but I honestly think I need a day to rest, a day of nothing. Sounds stupid I know but I honestly just want to sleep all day, So I imagine even if I did make it to the gym today I would easily give up and not do much. I think it is a matter of balance, for my 1 day off in the middle of 13 days of work I think I just need to do nothing. I kind of regroup day? does that make sense? have I just waffled on about nothing for the last 5 minutes and just making up excuses?

I’m approaching my first big goal day, it’s 3 weeks away, I was hoping to be 60lbs down but I’m not even half way towards that. Yes it’s getting me down. I just want to be able to focus, get the weight off and be happy… it’s just going to take time. things go up and down all the time. I just need to break down this wall and move forward.

As the wise prophet Dory would say…

“Just Keep Swimming…”

weight loss

oh hey fittybit

Fitbit stats for 13/06/16 – 19/06/16


Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: +9424
  • Miles: +4.06
  • Floors: +17

Last weeks goals…

  1. stay consistent with steps, over 70,000 for the week.
  2. hit the 5mile a day goal
  3. hit the 10 floors a day goal
  1. Done 🙂
  2. Done 🙂 🙂
  3. Done 🙂

Goals for the week ahead…

  1. walk at least 77,000 steps. Have 1 day where I hit 16,000!
  2. keep up the 5+ Miles a day
  3. hit 90 flights of stairs.
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Ready for a New week :)

Monday tomorrow so time for a new week 🙂

First I shall talk a little about last week… I had a brilliant weekend, smashed my step goal and carried it on for the working week. I went back to the gym, I need to work on it a little more to get back to where I was the last time I went to the gym! I will get back to it. will just take time. aiming on at least 3 days a week with a bit of luck 🙂

The weekend has been AWESOME for 2 reasons;

  1. My best friend came to visit for a couple days, we walked up to the Beach and around, visited the really nice Ice Cream parlour, played games and just chilled out. much needed fun.
  2. This happened….

I won the Workweek hustle this week! I never win anything, okay granted there was only 6 steps in it but I’m super chuffed!!!  🙂

So this week coming and the next I am working 6 days 😦 I am having to try and fit in Gym time around it (the problems of not having the 24hr gym I had before :p )

4 weeks to go til I travel to Birmingham… hoping to hit the 290lbs mark by then 🙂

I didn’t weigh in on Friday as I was getting ready for visiors, so 11lbs to go… Wish me luck 🙂

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Fitbit win!

Fitbit stats for 06/06/16 – 12/06/16


Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: +8307
  • Miles: +3.58
  • Floors: +11

Last weeks goals…

  1. keep steps above 70,000 for the week (hit that 10,000 a day target)
  2. try and hit the 5mile a day goal
  3. up my floor count
  1. Done
  2. Fell short by 2 miles 😦
  3. Done

Goals for the week ahead…

  1. stay consistent with steps, over 70,000 for the week.
  2. hit the 5mile a day goal
  3. hit the 10 floors a day goal
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The end of another week…

Another week has reached its end. 2.5lbs off this week which brings me to the magic 28lbs! that’s 2 stone!!! I’ve lost 2 stone since February!!!! for me this is incredible, I have now joined the Gym and I’m so excited to finally go and get this weight off.

Also I achieved this:


We can join challenges with other fitbit friends, I know there was only 5 of us but normally I come 4th or 5th and this week I came 2nd!!! I have boosted my steps not just everyday I’m at work with my walk to the station and back but I’m pulling the steps on my days off too. it’s all the balance and I’m actually enjoying it.

I have 6 weeks before I visit the home town. I’m hoping to be down another stone by then. with the bad few weeks I had over the move etc, I was lucky to have not added weight on but I didn’t lose any either, but I’m making up for that now.

Hope next week is an even better one… 🙂


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It’s not Wednesday… but better late than never :p

Fitbit Stats for 30/05/16 – 05/06/16


Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: +4501
  • Miles: +1.94
  • Floors: -17

Goals for the week ahead…

So I have already completed this week BUT…

  1. keep steps above 70,000 for the week (hit that 10,000 a day target)
  2. try and hit the 5mile a day goal
  3. up my floor count


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It’s a late weigh in… but a Weigh in all the same…

So Friday’s weigh in didn’t happen, not for excuses. I just couldn’t get in the bathroom with my scales (it’s the best place to get an accurate reading) as we had a plumber in fitting a new bath suite which is beautiful by the way. now just to tile the wall and the Shower can go up… you seriously cannot believe how excited I am to have a shower. I like baths but only baths for a whole month… they just take too long lol.

Anyways… to the point, I weighed in this morning and i’m 1lb down!! That’s just under 4lbs in 2 weeks… this is the break through I have been looking for and more excitingly I am joining a gym on Friday!

My activity is up, my food choices are better… we’re on a roll 🙂


I’m going to start posting these again everyweek… I will update my Fitbit stats on a Wednesday and Weigh in either Friday or Saturday… just something to keep the motivation up.

I need to lose this weight, I have a whole new wardrobe to buy for my new job…

yup! I have a

**NEW JOB**  

things are looking up… Gutted it’s not a new job back home but It’s a step closer to being there 🙂