fitbit, weight loss

It’s a late weigh in… but a Weigh in all the same…

So Friday’s weigh in didn’t happen, not for excuses. I just couldn’t get in the bathroom with my scales (it’s the best place to get an accurate reading) as we had a plumber in fitting a new bath suite which is beautiful by the way. now just to tile the wall and the Shower can go up… you seriously cannot believe how excited I am to have a shower. I like baths but only baths for a whole month… they just take too long lol.

Anyways… to the point, I weighed in this morning and i’m 1lb down!! That’s just under 4lbs in 2 weeks… this is the break through I have been looking for and more excitingly I am joining a gym on Friday!

My activity is up, my food choices are better… we’re on a roll 🙂


I’m going to start posting these again everyweek… I will update my Fitbit stats on a Wednesday and Weigh in either Friday or Saturday… just something to keep the motivation up.

I need to lose this weight, I have a whole new wardrobe to buy for my new job…

yup! I have a

**NEW JOB**  

things are looking up… Gutted it’s not a new job back home but It’s a step closer to being there 🙂


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