weight loss

The end of another week…

Another week has reached its end. 2.5lbs off this week which brings me to the magic 28lbs! that’s 2 stone!!! I’ve lost 2 stone since February!!!! for me this is incredible, I have now joined the Gym and I’m so excited to finally go and get this weight off.

Also I achieved this:


We can join challenges with other fitbit friends, I know there was only 5 of us but normally I come 4th or 5th and this week I came 2nd!!! I have boosted my steps not just everyday I’m at work with my walk to the station and back but I’m pulling the steps on my days off too. it’s all the balance and I’m actually enjoying it.

I have 6 weeks before I visit the home town. I’m hoping to be down another stone by then. with the bad few weeks I had over the move etc, I was lucky to have not added weight on but I didn’t lose any either, but I’m making up for that now.

Hope next week is an even better one… 🙂


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