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A Little Fun and Positivity

So Now I weigh 28lbs less I wanted to look at what else weighs what I’ve lost, I did this when I lost 21lbs… you can see this here…. Week 8 – I’ve lost a pug!

So what have I lost now?


28 Guinea Pigs

download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)download (6)


1 Pug, a small bag of flour and 3 books

download (7) +kingarthurflourdownload (8)download (8)download (8)


Still a long way to go but this does make me smile… I mean just look at all those adorable Guinea Pigs :p

6 thoughts on “A Little Fun and Positivity”

  1. Congratulations on losing your Guinea pigs!!! What a terrific way to monitor your progress in a fun way. I am totally stealing this from you to use with my clients! Thank you.

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