weight loss

Food Glorious Food!

Hey and welcome to my Food update….

Let’s be honest, the number one reason anyone is in the position I’m in is because of FOOD!

So I’m going to share with you all some Weightwatchers friendly foods!

Firstly, one of the best things to do when dieting is to find a healthy way to eat the foods you LOVE! for example PIZZA!! Pizza is life! but with a few tweaks you can have pizza in a much healthier way…

so a few Meal Ideas…

Fruit and yogurt. 
Keep it simple, tasty and vibrant. I like Mango, Strawberries, Grapes, Apple and Banana (all for the grand total of 0sp!) add a Weightwatchers Vanilla or Toffee yogurt for 2sp and you have a filling snack/dessert
My latest lot i took to work…

Scrambled Egg
2 eggs are 0sp and I like to add a drop of almond milk (0sp) and ketchup (1sp)
I have scrambled egg with either of these;
Bagel Thins (4sp each)
Thins (3sp each)
Crumpet (4sp each)

Pasta Bake
This is good to freeze or make up portions to take to work etc, the big difference here is that you can half the points by not using a jar of sauce, make your own with chopped tomatoes or passata etc and add some really nice things, the world is your oyster with this one. I like peppers and last time I used crushed chillies and baked beans (i know it sounds weird but tasted so good) the last bake I made was 13sp, I might start reducing the amount of pasta I use.
my latest amount;

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Another favourite of mine, cause I love pasta! again switching it up, Turkey Meatballs are much lower in sp and weighing the pasta makes a huge difference. making my own tomato and chilli sauce to go with it, sets me back 11sp for the meal.
The latest one I made i also put some bacon (1sp ) in the sauce cause I love bacon!

Take pita bread, some passata and low-fat cheese, add some free food toppings and you have a low pointed pizza! add some salad to make it a little more filling and you’re good to go, I like to add a little sweet chilli and chicken. again mix it up as and when you can.

Cottage Pie
I mix up my beef mince with Lentils, i also mix 1 potato with mashed swede and carrot and that reduces the points value. so yummy and better for me 🙂


I’m going to try to add a new meal on every post… need to research snacks though cause I love to snack!







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