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The results are in….


Drum Roll Please………………………..
I have lost in the month of June


I’m thrilled with this and I’m so close to my first stone!
So almost one down and 13 to go….

BUT ….

11.5 / 24 lbs for my first 12 week goal
11.5 / 35 lbs for my 10% goal
11.4 / 84 lbs for my end of year goal

Everything is looking so much closer and shinier and I’m excited!

Weigh in on Wednesday, hoping to bring total lost to 12lbs or more (which will bring me into the next stone bracket) 😀

This next 6 months is going to be AMAZING

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It’s a Picture Special! oh dear…

Okay, so when I was looking through all my pics the other day on here and the huge difference in my size has been a real shock…

I mean when I first started this journey cause I was really overweight and now it’s worse…

Lets have a stroll down memory lane..

This was the first picture I shared… first of all PLEASE do not look at that haircut! (cringe) So the left is 5.5 years ago and the right is just over 6 years…picFrame (3)
There isn’t much between the 2 and I still have the dress on the left (it’s a size 22) that’s 2 dress sizes I have gone up in the last 5.5 years…

Next up:

This time we have the picture that gave me a kick back up the backside to try and do something about my weight, it was me as Harley at Comic Con in Birmingham 2015, The picture on the right (in my stunning QPR shirt which is now WAY too tight on me) was taken the following July, this was after I moved to Wales.
MyCollageI know I did lose weight in this time, it wasn’t much but you could see it. After then I started a new job, my life crumbled apart and I’m sad to say I lost my way a few times and eventually this is where I am now…

This is me… MAY 2019



What an absolute mess! I thought it was bad before… It really wasn’t…
what i would do now to be a size 22… a size 20…

I just need to keep at it this time…. Wish me luck!


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A Roller Coaster of 3.5 years.

I’m not sure why but tonight I decided to go back to January 2016. This is when I deleted everything from before and started a fresh.

I was 329lbs then …. that’s 23st 7lbs.
I am now 348lbs24st 12lbs

That’s plus 19lbs in 3.5 years (42 months)

When I look at it that way, things don’t seem so bad. I know I have dropped weight and piled it back on again, multiple times over the years but thinking since my WW journey began 3.5 years ago I am now ONLY 19lbs heavier, That makes me feel like this is doable, That I can move on and be the person I am meant to be, I can be healthier, Yes up to now, this hasn’t worked but it’s about finding my fit.

There are some pictures which I’ll add over the next week too…

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New Diet, New Attempt

So, They changed WeightWatchers so much… now WW that I really really struggled with it, the new points meant that as someone with a dairy intolerance I was really stuck with choice. I was constantly over my points and I piled the weight back on.

As you can imagine it has been really hard, I cancelled my membership and decided to give it up and go it alone, so here I now am 2 stone heavier thinking WTF have I done?

So I have signed up to Slimming World, going to give it a few months and see how I get on. There is a lot more choice and so far it seems to be working for me.

#WeighinWednesday we will find out just how much it does work!

Hope you are all having a fab week and here we go again…

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Week One 2019

So first weigh in after New Year.

I’ve been pretty ill this last week so wasn’t expecting anything but happy to say that I lost 2lbs.

So 2/64 lbs down

Ready for this week!

Plus I just found out the small 7g packs of Parma violets are 2smartpoints 😁 so these are ideal for that sweet snack.

Although I’d kill for a biscuit with my tea lol.

Have a great week all! ❤️

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Hi, It’s Me… Again

Seriously how many times am I going to be ‘BACK’?


Welcome to 2019! I hope this year treats you all well and gives you all the joy and happiness you deserve and that your goals are reached!

So last year I was very stressed about my weight and anyone who reads this or my Instagram will see that it’s been VERY up and down.

So I am no longer thinking about my long term goal. We are all about the short term.
My new short term Goal date is NYE 2019.



23st and 8 lbs (330lbs)


19st (266lbs)


4st 8lbs (64lbs)


You guys know the drill by now… Blah Blah I’ll be back to updating weekly Blah Blah…

Yeah we all know that I will generally NOT be doing that… but all I can say is I will try.
I have a new Scrapbook to keep my journey alive, the only difference is this is be done monthly so I can see January in one place and then Feb and so on…

So wish me luck I am going to need it…

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Miracles Start with Hard Work…

Losing a lot of weight feels like a miracle. especially when you need to lose the weight of another person (how the hell do I carry the weight of another grown human around with me 24/7?)

So today was Weigh in day! I have had a great week and stayed in the blue dot tracking zone (that is -10 to +5 smart points from your daily allowance)

So after a solid full week on plan, including treats that were 100% tracked and counted I lost…



I cannot believe what happened… I’m in a state of shock, Yes I have worked VERY hard this week and I truely believe that I do deserve this! I’m just hoping that the hard work pays off again this week!!!

Onwards and Downwards 🙂

22st 13 – I’m coming for you… 11lbs to go 🙂


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Food Glorious Food!

Hey and welcome to my Food update….

Let’s be honest, the number one reason anyone is in the position I’m in is because of FOOD!

So I’m going to share with you all some Weightwatchers friendly foods!

Firstly, one of the best things to do when dieting is to find a healthy way to eat the foods you LOVE! for example PIZZA!! Pizza is life! but with a few tweaks you can have pizza in a much healthier way…

so a few Meal Ideas…

Fruit and yogurt. 
Keep it simple, tasty and vibrant. I like Mango, Strawberries, Grapes, Apple and Banana (all for the grand total of 0sp!) add a Weightwatchers Vanilla or Toffee yogurt for 2sp and you have a filling snack/dessert
My latest lot i took to work…

Scrambled Egg
2 eggs are 0sp and I like to add a drop of almond milk (0sp) and ketchup (1sp)
I have scrambled egg with either of these;
Bagel Thins (4sp each)
Thins (3sp each)
Crumpet (4sp each)

Pasta Bake
This is good to freeze or make up portions to take to work etc, the big difference here is that you can half the points by not using a jar of sauce, make your own with chopped tomatoes or passata etc and add some really nice things, the world is your oyster with this one. I like peppers and last time I used crushed chillies and baked beans (i know it sounds weird but tasted so good) the last bake I made was 13sp, I might start reducing the amount of pasta I use.
my latest amount;

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Another favourite of mine, cause I love pasta! again switching it up, Turkey Meatballs are much lower in sp and weighing the pasta makes a huge difference. making my own tomato and chilli sauce to go with it, sets me back 11sp for the meal.
The latest one I made i also put some bacon (1sp ) in the sauce cause I love bacon!

Take pita bread, some passata and low-fat cheese, add some free food toppings and you have a low pointed pizza! add some salad to make it a little more filling and you’re good to go, I like to add a little sweet chilli and chicken. again mix it up as and when you can.

Cottage Pie
I mix up my beef mince with Lentils, i also mix 1 potato with mashed swede and carrot and that reduces the points value. so yummy and better for me 🙂


I’m going to try to add a new meal on every post… need to research snacks though cause I love to snack!







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I had a Birthday….

Hey Guys.

So it has been a while but here I am!

So lets start off with the bad news – I PUT ON WEIGHT! I went up to 24st 7 (343lbs) *GULP*
How I hear you ask?

Well frankly I got old….

On the 11th of July I went to see some family. I went to London for the weekend with my cousin and did lots of fun things! It started on the Friday, we went to my uncles to stay for the weekend, we had lunch in Harvester and then jumped on the Tube to spend the evening in Hyde Park where we got to enjoy the musical-ness of The Feeling, Bananarama and Micheal Buble. We had a LOVELY shower which really cooled us down haha but we also had pizza (just one to share ;)) on the Saturday we had a nice cooked breakfast at a greasy spoon and it was VERY nice. we left my uncles and headed off on an adventure, we had snacks throughout the day and went on a London open top bus tour which was great fun. We left the tour and had a wander up to see the Queen (she wasn’t home) then a stroll through St James’s Park and off to the Thames and we jumped on a boat and arrived at the O2 to see the Muppets Live! again more food, hotdogs and sandwiches late at night. the Sunday I travelled home, I had bacon rolls, and more sandwiches and chocolate and generally things that are bad…

It didn’t stop there…

Over the next couple days I had friends over so we went up to the Mumbles where we enjoyed seaside treats including Ice Cream (dairy free for me)
It’s not exactly improved from there either, I had 2 slices of Chocolate Cake on my birthday and a big Calvary meal a week later. I feel like I’ve done nothing but eat, sleep and go to work since!

So I haven’t weighed in since I got back when I found out I stormed passed 24st! so… tomorrow is a weigh in day.

One of my best friends has joined me on my WW Journey and honestly, she is smashing it and really inspiring me to pull on my big girl pants and move forward…

I have a few points to play with daily…

So I am cooking from scratch with a couple WW ready meals in the freezer for back up.

I will be posting over the next couple days a food special, some ideas and recipes with different values and some ideas for a quick bite.

Til then….

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Things don’t always turn out as expected…

Bonjourno and a VERY happy Heatwave to you…

So here we are 3 weeks since I decided to get back on plan.
I have lost 4lbs which doesn’t seem like a lot I know but for me it’s huge.
I lost 2lbs in week 1, 2lbs in week 2 and maintained in week 3.

Normally at this stage a maintain would crush me, but a maintain is better than a gain and it’s very much a case of looking at the positives.


I am now 23st 8lbs and It’s coming down, slowly but I’m on my way…