But it was my ‘Day Off’

A day off work does not mean a day off weight loss…

This became very apparent to me this week, just look at my daily step totals from Monday to Saturday….
I worked Monday, Wednesday – Friday; When I work I walk to my local train station, which is slightly longer route at the moment due to road works (yay :/) I then walk from the train station in the town where I work to the building I work in, I spend a lot of my day walking from one side of the office to the other or on occasion climbing the stairs to get to the next floor cause the lift takes to long (wait! picking walking upstairs over getting the lift? am i nuts??) then I do the reverse walk home.

Then Saturday, Which was my day off, I went to Swansea Comic con, Which was a little further out of town than I thought it would be, Then as I walked into town there was an awesome band playing in the square, so I sat and listened to them for a little while, before popping into work, seeing some work friends who were stuck there for the day and then took the trip back home, I cannot believe that when I got home I had walked 17k steps, I was truly amazed.

So I have decided on my days off I need to get up off my bum and do more, doing more can be fun 🙂

Also In 2 weeks I lost a total of 10lbs, It slowed down in the second week but I’m still pretty chuffed with that, I just cannot wait to find out what that means in terms of the scales in WW meeting but we shall soon see.

I’ve taken the decision also to move off No Count and to go back onto counting, The reason for this is because I am quite fussy with food and the things I like on the no count which are ideal for me to take to work ends up being the same thing everyday and I like variety, so I think I would rather count and mix it up a bit, don’t want to be living off chicken and couscous forever (even if it does taste lush)

I think that sums up the update, but overall I’m pretty happy with how things are going, just got to remember slow and steady wins the race.


Fitbit stats for 27/06/16 – 03/07/16



Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: +2551
  • Miles: +1.1
  • Floors: +16

Last weeks goals…

  1. Walk at least 70,000 steps
  2. Aim for 4.5miles a day
  3. Walk at least 70 flights of stairs.
  1. DONE 🙂
  2. DONE 🙂
  3. DONE and then some 😀

Goals for the week ahead…

  1. 77,000 steps, 11,000 a day
  2. Hit my 35mile a week goal
  3. 100 flights of stairs!!

Did someone say Stats?

Fitbit stats for 20/06/16 – 26/06/16


Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: -10724
  • Miles: -4.62
  • Floors: +12

Last weeks goals…

  1. walk at least 77,000 steps. Have 1 day where I hit 16,000!
  2. keep up the 5+ Miles a day
  3. hit 90 flights of stairs.
  1. Half Done… Missed a 1 day of 16,000 :/
  2. Failed 😦 😦
  3. Smashed it 🙂

Goals for the week ahead…

This week has already started badly so I’m going to make these easier;

  1. Walk at least 70,000 steps
  2. Aim for 4.5miles a day
  3. Walk at least 70 flights of stairs.

Ready for a New week :)

Monday tomorrow so time for a new week 🙂

First I shall talk a little about last week… I had a brilliant weekend, smashed my step goal and carried it on for the working week. I went back to the gym, I need to work on it a little more to get back to where I was the last time I went to the gym! I will get back to it. will just take time. aiming on at least 3 days a week with a bit of luck 🙂

The weekend has been AWESOME for 2 reasons;

  1. My best friend came to visit for a couple days, we walked up to the Beach and around, visited the really nice Ice Cream parlour, played games and just chilled out. much needed fun.
  2. This happened….

I won the Workweek hustle this week! I never win anything, okay granted there was only 6 steps in it but I’m super chuffed!!!  🙂

So this week coming and the next I am working 6 days 😦 I am having to try and fit in Gym time around it (the problems of not having the 24hr gym I had before :p )

4 weeks to go til I travel to Birmingham… hoping to hit the 290lbs mark by then 🙂

I didn’t weigh in on Friday as I was getting ready for visiors, so 11lbs to go… Wish me luck 🙂

Fitbit win!

Fitbit stats for 06/06/16 – 12/06/16


Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: +8307
  • Miles: +3.58
  • Floors: +11

Last weeks goals…

  1. keep steps above 70,000 for the week (hit that 10,000 a day target)
  2. try and hit the 5mile a day goal
  3. up my floor count
  1. Done
  2. Fell short by 2 miles 😦
  3. Done

Goals for the week ahead…

  1. stay consistent with steps, over 70,000 for the week.
  2. hit the 5mile a day goal
  3. hit the 10 floors a day goal

It’s not Wednesday… but better late than never :p

Fitbit Stats for 30/05/16 – 05/06/16


Compared to previous week…

  • Steps: +4501
  • Miles: +1.94
  • Floors: -17

Goals for the week ahead…

So I have already completed this week BUT…

  1. keep steps above 70,000 for the week (hit that 10,000 a day target)
  2. try and hit the 5mile a day goal
  3. up my floor count


EXCUSES…. you DON’T belong here anymore!!

Week 1 back on it and I’ll be honest it’s not been going well…

I feel like I’m just making excuses every day, we don’t have a proper functional kitchen yet as there’s still so much furniture to build and boxes to unpack and i’m working and can’t be bothered to cook and it’s take a ways and pizza and chip shop…

I’m missing friends, some more than others, i hate my job ( but have applied for other jobs) I bought a shirt today for my interview next week, it’s 1.5 sizes bigger than I normally wear as it’s 1, not stretchy and 2, I have BOOBS… the rest of the top looks like a tent 😦

There’s one person in particular I’m missing, so much so all I can think about is trying to find a way to go back and visit them. but it seems like a million miles away and I know there will come a day when they won’t want to talk to me anymore, which when you’re 180 miles away is completely understandable.

I feel like I’m dropping into a pit, a bit where I hate where I am, who I am and all I want to do is lay in bed, watch A Little Princess and completely stuff myself silly with chocolate. which is not going to help me one bit, my weight upsets me, i get upset i just want to stuff myself and we end up in this horrible vicious circle all over again.

I’m just making constant excuses for myself and the only reason my weight isn’t going up is because of the amount of activity I have been doing. although I’ve been dropped down to 16 hours, over 4 days (urgh…) the walk from home to the station and from the station to work has really boosted my steps…


These are my Fitbit Steps from this week, Mon 16th – Fri 20th The 8,770 and the 9,295 days were my days off and the 9,440 was the day I got a lift to work but made my own way home. so honestly not too bad I think. I have work again tomorrow. So now it’s just about getting my thoughts together, my diet back on track cause hell I still want to look good and feel good.

                 STOP MAKING EXCUSES KAT!!!!!!!!!