Not the week I wanted but a good result…

I lost 4Lbs!!!

not the 14 I was aiming for but I was ill for a couple days, got sent home from work and well dropping out of routine does make things worse. but I lost the 2.5 i put on and then lost a lil more.

Not too shabby 🙂

Total loss of 5Lbs so far… but i start meetings Friday 3rd Feb.

I’ve set a new goal, 10Lbs to lose in 2 weeks – before Sunday 5th Feb. those 10lbs will mean I have lost 10% of weight in 1 whole year.

Which isn’t too bad after the rubbish back and forth I had from July til now.

wish me luck… couple more weeks til a picture comparison… *gulp*

Week 8 – I’ve lost a pug!

Hello Week 8 and what a good start to the week… I’m poorly and spent all of last night waking up coughing. Typical behaviour when I’m off work :p

BUT! I have lost 4lbs!! after last week I am thrilled…. just 18 days to the next turn on the big shouty machine and things are looking up, clothes are fitting better, i’m feeling better and despite being given 2 boxes of chocolates as leaving gifts I haven’t eaten them all, I have eaten some but as they are small and individually wrapped I have been able to point for them 🙂

Right, I should explain how I’ve lost a Pug… So as of today, in line with my not so trusty scales I’m 21lbs down… So I googled what weighs 21lbs? This is what I found…

download (4)

A Pug!!! ( How Cute!)

download (3)

4 Table Lamps!!!

guinea pig

21 Guniea Pigs!!! (yes 21!!! glasses probably not included :p)

So a very happy day for me so far…. It’d be better if the weather was nicer and my lungs weren’t trying to kill me, but can’t have everything 🙂

In 3 weeks time I need to make the decision…. Do I stay on WeightWatchers? I think the answer is already yes!